Upgrade from Internet Explorer 8

The Levenes Cycle Injury Map uses state of the art technology. To see all features of the map, including the fantastic "Accident Clusters" you will need to upgrade your web browser.

If you are using Windows Vista or above, you can upgrade to latest version of Internet Explorer here. If you are using Windows XP or earlier, you can use the latest Firefox or Chrome browsers.

What am I missing?

Accident Clusters are used to see the concentration of accidents on a particular area of the map.

At a wide zoom level it can be used to see the cities and regions with a high number of accidents. As you zoom in and move around it re-draws the hotspots according to what you are looking at and at a close zoom level it can be used to find particularly dangerous junctions or roads within a city or neighbourhood.

The numbers displayed in the coloured "hotspots" are how many slight, serious and fatal accidents there have been in that area.

A preview of the Accident Cluster view is below. To return to the map without upgrading please click here.