Pushbikes ride along Bristol Road
Monday 10 Feb 2014

On Saturday 15th February 2014 I will be joining members of Pushbikes - the Birmingham Cycling Campaign who are riding along Bristol Road in order to conduct a survey of cycling improvements made, I am told, by Birmingham City Council. The event starts at 11.00 AM and riders will meet at the Birmingham University main gate.

As I live on the north side of Birmingham, I only occasionally cycle along Bristol Road, so I am looking forward to seeing what Birmingham City Council have done and seeing if it measures up. 

Bristol Road is a major arterial route in to the City Centre characterised by fairly heavy traffic. It is a while since I went that way by bike. I do not remember it being all that attractive for would-be cyclists. I am sure that many who might be persuaded to cycle to and from work along this route will find it intimidating. We have to remove barriers to cycling for those who might be persuaded to cycle.

The Levenes Cycle Injury map shows quite a few accidents along Bristol Road in recent years including one fatal accident in October 2012.

I am looking forward to seeing if the council has made the sort of improvements that would make cycling more attractive to would-be cyclists.

I will try to post a report back on this event and some images as soon as I can.

Tim Beasley

Managing Partner, Levenes Birmingham Office.

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Tim Beasley

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