10% Increase in Killed Cyclists Despite Only 1% Cycle Traffic increase
Thursday 27 Jun 2013

Despite an estimated UK wide increase in cycle traffic of just 1%, figures released by the Department for Transport show that the number of pedal cyclists killed on the UK's roads rose by 10% from 107 in 2011 to 118 in 2012.

In addition to the increase in deaths, the number of pedal cyclists reported to the police as seriously injured increased by 4% to 3,222. This is eighth year that the number of seriously injured cyclist casualties has increased.

Slight injuries dropped 2% from 16,023 in 2011 to 15,751 in 2012. Thanks largely in part to the reduction in slight injuries, the total number of casualties to cyclists that were reported to the police also fell by 1% from 19,215 to 19,091.

Despite the overall drop of 1%, the main concern should be the increase in Killed and Seriously Injured cyclists despite an estimated rise of just 1% in cycle traffic on the roads.

Head of Levenes Cycle Injury Department, Kevin O'Sullivan had this to say on the figures, "The fact that the increase in cyclists killed or seriously injured on the UK roads (5%) outstrips the estimated increase in cycling traffic nationally (1%), should focus local and national governments to continue to fund cycle friendly facilities to try to stem the rise of casualties."

Keep an eye on our Cycle Injuries Map showing all reported injuries to cyclists on the UK's roads since 2005. We'll be adding the 2012 data into the map very soon.


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