Levenes to Attend LCC's Campaigners Conference
Thursday 06 Sep 2012

Kevin O'Sullivan, partner at Levenes, will be attending the LCC's first Campaigners Conference on the 8th September.

"I'll be hoping to discuss ways getting cycle lanes alongside railway lines. An idea that mayor Boris Johnson has spoken about previously. I'm also looking forward to working out how we can make the most of the post Olympic feelgood factor around cycling."

The conference is a chance for every Londoner (not just LCC members) to get involved with shaping the future of London cycling. It's a chance to help guide the LCC's campaign direction: for next year and - more importantly - for the crucially important London-wide borough council elections in 2014.

The conference will be an opportunity for old hands and new faces to hear a host of inspiring speakers - including the superb transport expert Christian Wolmar - and also to put forward their own ideas as to how LCC can help transform London into a city that's truly safe and inviting for cycling.

Levenes have been successfully providing legal advice for LCC members for over 10 years and are proud to lend continuing support their campaigning. If you need advice, or have been injured whilst cycling, get in contact with us.

To register for tickets to the conference, visit the LCC's website here.

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