Head of Addison Lee, John Griffin to face Prosecution?
Tuesday 22 May 2012

John Griffin Addison Lee

Head of Addison Lee, John Griffin, may face prosecution for instructing his drivers to ignore the law and use bus lanes in London.

The Metropolitan police are seeking advice from the Crown Prosecution Service for advice on a possible charge. This does not mean Griffin will definately face charges, it does however mean that the police believe the potential for charges to be brought is high enough to seek advice from the CPS.

Griffin's instructions prompted an immediate response from Transport for London, warning that Addison Lee drivers could lose their minicab licences for repeated offences. Later that month TfL won a high court injunction preventing the company from ordering its drivers to use bus lanes. Addison Lee, which says its drivers received around 800 tickets for bus lane use, withdrew the instruction ahead of a judicial review next month.

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