Government Terminates Contract with Addison Lee
Friday 27 Apr 2012

Boycott Addison Lee

Following owner John Griffin's comments towards bus lane use and cyclists, the minicab company Addison Lee is losing its contract with the Government for private car hire, according to information received from the Cabinet Office. 

The Government's Chief Procurement Officer, John Collington, who is based at the Cabinet Office, confirmed the termination of the contract in an e-mail to freelance journalist Marcus Williamson. He stated: 

"We expect all private hire vehicles in London to adhere to the prohibition on using bus lanes. In regard to Addison Lee, the only existing government contract with the company will expire at the end of this month and is not being renewed."

Parliamentary answers reveal that Michael Gove’s Department for Education alone has handed the company £2,370 on ministerial trips and £34,569 for ferrying around civil servants between August 2011 and January 2012. Whatever the financial cost, the cost in terms of PR following this announcement is sure to be a heavy one.

Perhaps Mr Griffin subscribes to the view that any publicity is good publicity, but with the loss of several high profile contracts, he must be beginning to realise that in a congested market full of potentially cheaper competition to Addison Lee, his inadvertent war with cyclists was poorly judged to say the least.

From the cyclists point of view this is excellent news. Not only will it force Addison Lee to rethink it's decision to use bus lanes, but given the increased focus on cycle safety recently, it appears to continue to enforce our status as an important group of people who need to be catered for by the policy makers of this country.

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