Addison Lee 'Die-In' Tonight (23rd April)
Monday 23 Apr 2012

Addison Lee Offices

You may have heard that John Griffin, boss of minicab firm Addison Lee has instructed his drivers to use the bus lanes and that he will personally indemnify them against prosecution. Minicabs can not legally use the bus lanes and TfL have threatened legal action in response to his comments. Despite this, Mr Griffin provoked further reaction using his Chairman's column in the Addison Lee in-house magazine. You can read the full story on that here.

The cycling community is hitting back this evening with a die-in. Over 500 people have confirmed attendence so far. For those of you without access to facebook, this is taken from the event page:

"Meet at the junction of Stanhope Street/William Road [at 18:00] then head to their office to deliver a letter to John Griffin of Addison Lee and stage a 'die-in' by lying down outside the office to highlight the real danger his drivers pose to cyclists and pedestrians. It's short notice, but this is an event that's happening now, so acting quickly is important!
Make-up and fake blood welcome!" 

For more information and to confirm your attendance, visit the facebook page here.

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