Lorry Blind Spot Tech to be Mandatory by 2015?
Tuesday 17 Apr 2012

HGV and Cyclist

According to a report published today by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers,  Collision-avoidance technology that could help eliminate cyclist and pedestrian deaths caused by driver "blind-spots", should be made mandatory for all UK lorries by 2015.

The report says HGVs make up 5% of the traffic on UK roads, yet cause 20% of all fatal accidents involving cyclists. 

It also calls for automated emergency response systems to be integrated into all new road vehicles within the next two years. Such systems automatically alert emergency services of an accident and provide the exact location of the accident using GPS and have the potential to cut road fatalities by as much as 10%

This wake up call for HGV drivers and manufacturers was predicted by Enos Bukuku, one of our solicitors who recently attended an inquest into a cyclist killed by a HGV

"It is hoped that HGV owners will adopt a change in practice given the stakes, otherwise they are likely to face serious questions if the worst does happen. However, unless parliament acts to make these vehicles safer and save cyclists' lives by enforcing legislation, it will come down to a costs/benefit risk analysis for HGV manufacturers and owners, and the majority will do nothing at all."

Read his full report on the inquest here.

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