London Flashride a Success?
Thursday 23 Feb 2012

Houses of Parliament at Night

Almost 2,000 cyclists participated in last night’s flashride from The Mall to the Houses of Parliament, where MPs are due to hold a three-hour debate on the issue of cycle safety.

The ride, was organised by the Cyclists In The City and I Bike London blogs and was supported by the London Cycling Campaign, members of which helped marshal the event.

The aim was to raise awareness of the cycle safety issues in our cities ahead of the three-hour debate that was secured by Jullian Huppert, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group. Mr Huppert brought up the point in Prime Ministers Questions yesterday when he asked the Prime Minister if he would support the campaign and increase investment into cycling.

Mr Cameron replied, "Anyone who has got on a bicycle, particularly in one of our busier cities, knows you are taking your life into your own hands every time you do so and so we do need to do more to try and make cycling safer."

“The Government is making it easier for councils to install mirrors at junctions. We are putting £11 million into training for children and £15 million for better cycle routes and facilities across the country."

The amount pledged in Cameron's statement has widely been regarded as a woefully inadequate token gesture. Danny Williams of the Cyclists in the City blog remarked that, "If you think about £25 million, which is what he talked about today, for the whole of the country that’s equivalent to what, a train carriage? It’s not really going to make a huge difference."

With almost 2000 cyclists braving some of the worse junctions in London on last night's flash ride and the increasing support from various MPs in regards to investing properly in cycle safety, the Government can no longer get away with these token gestures of minimal funding. We all wait to see what effect it all has on the debate later today and indeed, cycling investment and safety in the long run.

Article Image Courtesy of Christine Matthews

The BBC London report on the flash ride has been uploaded to YouTube:

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