London Mayor Boris Johnson Forced Into Action Following Bow Vigil
Thursday 24 Nov 2011

The Mayor of London has met with the family of Brian Dorling, a cyclist killed in east London on October 24. Boris Johnson, said: "I feel bitterly sorry for the loss of any cyclist or any road user on the streets of London and I offered my most humble condolences to the family of Brian Dorling today."

During a meeting at City Hall the Mayor outlined the work his team have put into improving cycle safety at a time when the capital is experiencing unprecedented levels of cycling. The Mayor also explained how a comprehensive programme of work is being put together to make cycling in London safer. 

That programme will include a thorough assessment of Bow roundabout, which Transport for London has been asked to provide for the Mayor as soon as possible as part of a safety review of every major planned scheme on Transport for London roads, and of every junction on the Cycle Superhighways.

In reference to this, Boris stated, "I am determined to do everything possible to make our roads safer for cyclists and I have asked TfL to embark on a great deal of work to do so." 
 This work is now underway, with Bow roundabout the first to be studied. The results for Bow will be available within weeks, with all remaining junctions reviewed on a prioritised basis between now and the spring.

A probe will be carried out into the operation of Heavy Goods Vehicles in the capital by the construction industry. - "I do want to reassure Londoners that at a time when record numbers are cycling the statistics show that our streets are getting safer; however we will do our utmost to minimise any future casualties and are focusing on several key areas where we believe improvements might be made."

And a further series of safety campaigns that target every road user will be launched. The first of these, urging drivers to look out for cyclists, goes live this week.

Levenes own cycling solicitor and HGV safety campaigner, Kevin O'Sullivan said, "The mayor's review on HGV's is welcome, but a real signal of his intent would be to voice his support for Sir Alan Beith's 10 minute rule bill, due for its second reading tomorrow 25th November, on HGV cameras and sensors. What's needed is legislation, not reviews, to make these deadly weapons safer overnight."

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