Accident - Bow Road A11 / Alfred Road, London

Amount claimed: £5,100
Accident date: Friday 03 Apr 2009


Cyclist is right hooked as they are travelling along the road in the cycle lane.

Injuries / damage

Acute neck sprain, minor head injury, adjustment disorder, grazes to shoulder, elbow, knee and both hands.

We also recovered damages for treatment costs, bike repairs, damaged clothing and travel costs.

What happened?

Mr Browne was cycling home from work on Bow Road in East London in the designated cycle lane. As he approached the junction with Alfred Road, a motor vehicle attempted to turn right from Bow Road into Alfred Road in the path of Mr Browne. The vehicle did not have the time or space to turn into the side road and our client was forced to brake sharply.  There was insufficient braking distance for our client to avoid the vehicle, and a collision occurred. The impact resulted in our client being thrown from his bike onto the road.

Comments about this accident

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