Accident - Waterloo Roundabout, SE1, London

Amount claimed: £35,000
Accident date: Friday 31 Dec 2004


Cyclist crashes into a car door that was opened directly in his path.

Injuries / damage

Soft tissue injury to the neck, right shoulder dislocation, soft tissue Injuries to the left thigh, hands, left wrist and right ankle.

We also recovered damages for: loss of earnings, care and assistance, travel expenses and bicycle repair.

What happened?

At about 10.30 pm our client was riding his bike home from work on his normal route southbound on Waterloo Bridge. As he entered Waterloo roundabout towards Stamford Street, traffic was almost at a standstill. As he was passing a BMW that had just stopped due to the traffic, the right-hand side rear door of the BMW opened in front of our client causing him to be thrown over the door and land several feet away on the ground.            

Comments about this accident

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