Accident - Wandsworth Bridge Road / Narborough Street, London

Amount claimed: £50,000
Accident date: Thursday 20 Sep 2007


Cyclist is severely injured by a crossing car when riding through a junction. 

Injuries / damage

Severe traumatic brain injury. Long term double vision. Fractured right shoulder. Fractured rib. Bruising to right knee.

What happened?

Our client, the manager of a pharmacy department, was riding her bicycle north on Wandsworth Bridge Road. When she was passing the junction with Narborough Street, a long truck going the same direction was at a standstill before the junction, allowing traffic to go through. At this time the third party Honda car driver crossed the junction from Oakbury Road to Narborough St. Our client couldn't see the Honda coming from behind the truck, and as a result collided with the rear of the front passenger door. Our client's shoulder smashed the car window and as they fell to the ground. Liability was split 50/50.

Comments about this accident

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