Accident - Upper Brook Street, London

Amount claimed: £8,750
Accident date: Thursday 20 Sep 2007


Cyclist is struck several times by an overtaking lorry.

Injuries / damage

Deep laceration and bruising to right hand and buttock. Road burn injury to right hip and leg. Psychological effects. Damaged bike and clothes.

What happened?

Our client was cycling on Upper Brook Street when a third party lorry driver began to overtake our client on her right side. Just seconds later, the lorry hit our client once with it's left side on the front part of the cabin. Our client started to scream and she sought to maintain her balance. The third party then collided with our client several times, and our client was bumping between the lorry and cars parked close to the pavement. When the third party finally passed our client, she fell to the ground. 

The third party was convicted in Westminster Magistrates Court on 24/09/08. He was convicted for driving without due care and attention. £375 Fine, £150 Court costs, £15 victim surcharge, licence endorsed with 7 penalty points.   

Comments about this accident

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