Accident - Southwark Bridge Road / Great Suffolk Street

Amount claimed: £3,270.39
Accident date: Monday 02 Nov 2009


Cyclist was hit by a vehicle that drove through a red light.

Injuries / damage

Bruising to the left thigh, pelvis, lower back, left shoulder, left elbow and calf.                                         

We also recovered damages for the repairs to our client’s bike, damaged cycle helmet and treatment costs. 

What happened?

At approximately 6:00pm our client was cycling south on Southark Bridge Road towards Elephant & Castle. Approaching a set of temporary traffic lights, he waited at the red light. When the lights changed to green the cyclist set off. When in the middle of the junction he became aware of a car approaching from the left that had driven through a red light. Our client did not have time to react and was hit by the car. He was sent flying through the air, over the third party's car and landed on the road. Liability was admitted by the drivers insurers. 

Comments about this accident

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