Accident - Regent Street / Little Portland - London

Amount claimed: £4,586.88
Accident date: Saturday 25 Apr 2009


Motor vehicle driver opens his front door in the path of a cyclist causing a collision.  

Injuries / damage

Fracture to right collarbone, Soft tissue injuries to hand, arm and shoulder. We also recovered damages for medical expenses, travel expenses, care & assistance, bicycle repairs and damaged clothing.

What happened?

At approximately 12:05pm our client was cycling southbound on Regent Street. The third party, who was stationery in his motor vehicle, suddenly opened the front door of his vehicle, into the path of our client’s bicycle. Our client was unable to take any evasive action and collided into the door with his right shoulder, which propelled him onto the side of a passing bus, head first.   

Comments about this accident

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