Accident - Queensbridge Road / Mapledene Road, London

Amount claimed: £5,000
Accident date: Friday 22 Aug 2008


Cyclist is pushed in to a fence by an overtaking truck.

Injuries / damage

Bruising and grazing to elbow, hand, buttock and thighs, as well as psychological effects,

We also recovered damages for the damaged bicycle.

What happened?

On the morning of the 22nd of August 2008 our client, a Freelance Editor, was cycling to work down Queensbridge Road. As she was approaching the junction of Mapledene Road, the traffic lights were red. On the left hand side of the road partly on the pavement and partly on the road was a high metal mesh fence, where road works were taking place. As our client was waiting for the lights to change in her favour she positioned herself behind a car.    

As the lights changed a truck driver attempted to overtake our client’s bicycle. She became trapped between the truck & the metal fence, causing her to be dragged along the fence and sustain injuries.             

Comments about this accident

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