Accident - Museum Street / New Oxford Street, London

Amount claimed: £5,000
Accident date: Sunday 17 Oct 2010


A car accelerated to get past the cyclist at traffic lights, knocked her off and then sped off.

Injuries / damage

Right hand injury, soft tissue injuries in elbows, inner thighs and arms. Bike had to be repaired, lock and jacket replaced.

What happened?

Around 7.30 on a Sunday evening. The cyclist had lights on as well as reflecting gear. The cyclist was waiting at the traffic lights, when they turned green, a car attempted to overtake, knocking her right side, sending the cyclist into the pavement. The car driver didn't stop. The car behind did and noted down the number plate. Ambulance and police attended the scene.


Just to let you know I got the check today and I am bouncing up and down the walls!!! I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! You have no idea how this will help me as it's been a very difficult year. Thank you thank you thank you again and gain and again for taking the case of a self-employed actress, as I know it was tricky. Thank you for all your hard work, I won't forget it.

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