Accident - Maida Vale, London

Amount claimed: Ongoing
Accident date: Wednesday 28 Jan 2009


An erratically driven bus undertook several other road users before swerving into the middle lane clipping our client.

Injuries / damage

Fractured cheek bone, a severe black eye, fractured scaphoid, possible fractured rib, a haematoma to the right hip and ongoing dizziness. 

What happened?

Our client was cycling along Maida Vale at around 6.30pm, and his next recollection is of being attended to by ambulance crew. He was told by both the Paramedics and the Police that he had been involved in an accident with a bus, but other than that, he was unable to provide any other accident details.

Thankfully an independent witnesss had put his phone number in our clients back pocket. We therefore contacted him promptly, thanked him on our clients behalf, and sought his written account of the accident.

The statement was extremely helpful to our clients case, in that it described how the bus driver was "driving very quickly and erractically undertook me and a van, then swerved into middle lane clipping a cyclist". Once the statement was submitted to the insurers for the bus company, liability was admitted shortly afterwards.

We say

Bernie O'Sullivan (Levenes Solicitor) -"One can never underestimate the importance of an independent witnesses evidence. Making contact with them as promptly as possible after an accident has occurred ensures that their recollection of the evidence is fresh in their mind, and not dimmed by the passage of time."

Comments about this accident

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