Video Accident - High Road / Westbury Avenue, Turnpike Lane

Amount claimed: £7,000
Accident date: Thursday 29 Jul 2010
Video footage: Watch the accident footage on YouTube
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A cyclist was hit by a car at some traffic lights. The car driver did not check the way was clear and hit the cyclist still crossing the junction. On viewing CCTV footage, the driver's insurers accepted liability

Injuries / damage

Fractured collarbone, surgery for insertion of a titanium plate.

What happened?

The cyclist was going southbound on High Road. The car driver was coming from Green Lanes and was attempting to turn right onto Westbury Avenue. He hit the cyclist as he attempted to make the turn.

The lights going southbound change off of green a few seconds before the lights going northbound and the driver told the police that because of this they believed that once two buses had passed, any more traffic approaching would be stopped by the red light. They did not look for the cyclist, who had passed through the lights on amber behind the buses, and did not check the way was clear before turning into the side road.

On viewing the CCTV footage of the accident, his insurers accepted liability.

Following the collision, a police cyclist attended the scene and helped our client, who was shaken but able to walk, into a nearby shop to wait for the paramedics.

The cyclist suffered a fractured collarbone. She required surgery for the insertion of a titanium plate.

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