Accident - Gordon Road / St Leonards Road, London W13

Amount claimed: £4,000
Accident date: Tuesday 16 Jun 2009


Car driver not paying attention at a roundabout collides with a bicycle.

Injuries / damage

Fracture to left hip. Sprain to neck and upper back. Right wrist pain.

Loss of income. Care and assistance for 4 weeks. Repairs to bike. Public transport costs.

What happened?

Our client was cycling on his bicycle at approximately 9:40 am westwards on Gordon Road.  It was his intention to go straight on at the mini-roundabout at St. Leonards Road and return to Gordon Road.  Our client proceeded on to the roundabout at the same time as a third party vehicle was entering the roundabout from the opposite side of Gordon Road. The third party accelerated and unexpectedly turned right on the mini-roundabout and knocked Mr Gunnewicht off his bike. At no time did the third party indicate her intention to turn right at the roundabout in to St. Leonards Road.

As a result of the impact, our client was thrown on to the bonnet of the third party's car and travelled on the bonnet for approximately 20 feet in to St. Leonards Road before falling to the ground.

Whilst the police did attend the accident scene, no action was taken against the driver of the third party vehicle. Despite there being no indication of the intention to turn right, and the damage caused to their vehicle by hitting the cyclist, her insurers denied liability.

We referred them to the driver's statement contained in the police report , in which it states that having stopped at the roundabout and after she "had a look left, straight and right" she turned on the roundabout, when "all of the sudden, I heard a big noise, a big bang". She was then asked whether she saw anything as she heard the bang, and her response was "No, I didn't see anything". The insurers would not concede any liability, and we therefore commenced court proceedings on behalf of our client. Solicitors were appointed by the insurers of the car, and following negotiations, a settlement was reached. 


Bernie O’Sullivan dealt with my case. Very impressed with efficiency, professionalism and realistic approach.

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