Accident - Fulham Road, London

Amount claimed: £2841.64
Accident date: Tuesday 15 Sep 2009


Cyclist is brought down when a parked car passenger opened his door without looking.

Injuries / damage

Severe pain to left shoulder and upper back. Bruises on left thigh, left hand knuckles and lower legs. Shock and insomnia. We also recovered damages for repairs to our client's bike and her treatment costs.

What happened?

Our client, a reflexologist & massage therapist, was cycling north on Fulham road at 9:00pm. At the same time the third party's car was parked on the left hand side of Fulham Rd.

At this point, the third party, abruptly and with no warning opened his car door directly into our client's
path causing her to fly over the handlebars and car door in to the middle of the road.

Comments about this accident

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