Accident - Elland Road / Old Road, Leeds

Amount claimed: £55,000
Accident date: Friday 21 Sep 2007


Cyclist was cycling along Elland Road when car pulled out of Old Road into the path of the cyclist.

Injuries / damage

Head and spinal injuries.

What happened?

A keen cyclist and amateur Rugby League player was awarded a settlement after serious road collision caused back and head injuries.

A 4x4 did not see the cyclist when it pulled into his path from a side road.

He was wearing a helmet which did it's job and probably saved his life. The force of the collision was still enough to cause a head injury and loss of memory for a few days. He had also suffered a fracture to his spine and had to have an operation to stabilize the fracture.

The cyclist was strong and fit before the accident and with the help of the metal implant in his spine he has recovered very well and has been able to resume almost all the activities he did before the accident pain free.  Regrettably, because of the nature of the injuries he has hung up his Rugby boots for the last time.

The settlement reflected the pain and suffering, not being able to return to Rugby and various other losses and expenses which had been incurred.

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