Accident - Copenhagen Street, London,N1

Amount claimed: £9,500
Accident date: Wednesday 19 Mar 2008


Cyclist hospitalised after being "doored".

Injuries / damage

Severe fracture to left little finger, cuts to knees and elbows.             

We also recovered damages for: travelling expenses, gym membership expenses, damaged cycle equipment, care & assistance, hospital parking costs

What happened?

Our client was commuting by bicycle from his office on Fleet Street to his home in Islington at approximately 8pm. As he passed a parked car on Copenhagen Street, the driver opened his door into his path. There was insufficient time to avoid a collision, and our client hit the car door. His left little finger was crushed between the edge of the door and the handle bars of the bike. In addition, he came off his bike and suffered cuts and bruises to his knees and elbows.

Comments about this accident

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