Accident - Charlton Way / Duke Humphrey Place, London

Amount claimed: £8,650.00
Accident date: Tuesday 01 Dec 2009


Vehicle knocks down a cyclist on a mini roundabout.

Injuries / damage

Our client sustained a fracture to his left wrist, grazing to right elbow, knees and both thighs.
We also recovered damages for loss of earnings, the damaged bike and public transport costs.  

What happened?

Our client was cycling along Charlton Way. He reached the mini roundabout with the junction of Duke Humphrey Place, and in view of the fact that he had the right of way, he proceeded onto the roundabout.  Unfortunately, the third party did not give way to our client and entered the roundabout, resulting in her vehicle impacting with the client’s bike, throwing him to the ground.
The third party apologised at the scene for causing the accident.

Comments about this accident

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