Accident - Bow Roundabout, London

Amount claimed: £11,200
Accident date: Monday 21 Sep 2009


Cement lorry turns left across a cyclists path knocking him to the ground.

Injuries / damage

Fractured right elbow, metal plate inserted.

What happened?

Our client was cycling home from work, had stopped at red lights and was waiting to enter the roundabout. As he entered the roundabout a cement lorry attempted to take the exit by turning left in front of him. As the lorry attempted the turn, it struck the cyclist's right elbow sending him crashing to the ground. He suffered a fractured right elbow and needed a metal plate to be inserted.

He has no recollection of the accident following the collision but according to witness accounts, was extremely lucky to escape with his life as the bike ended up being crushed beneath the wheels of the lorry.

Comments about this accident

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