Accident - Bordesley Circus Roundabout

Amount claimed: £10,500
Accident date: Monday 08 Oct 2012
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Car enters a roundabout without looking properly and knocks off a cyclist already on the roundabout.

Injuries / damage

Comminuted fracture to his wrist and a laceration

What happened?

On 8th October 2012, Mr AP was cycling on Bordesley Circus roundabout. Birmingham residents will know this large roundabout just a short distance from Birmingham City’s St Andrews Ground. In fact, Levenes Solicitors have dealt with a number of accidents on this roundabout over the years. Mr AP was established on the roundabout when a car drove from Watery Lane and entered the roundabout failing to give way, knocking Mr AP off his bike.

He suffered a comminuted fracture to his wrist and a laceration. He required an operation to fix the fracture. He was off work for a few weeks, but being a hardworking man he did not want to be off work for long and fortunately, he was able to return to work quite quickly. His loss of earnings were relatively modest but his bike was a write off and he incurred bus fares for a period of 3 months as he was unable to ride whereas prior to the accident his bike was his main means of travel. He made a good recovery from the injuries thanks to the surgery and physiotherapy treatment.

It was not necessary to take his case to court. After calculating the losses and obtaining medical evidence to show the injuries, Levenes were able to negotiate settlement of his claim for £10,500 for his loss of earnings and other expenses and his injuries.

Mr AP is planning to buy a new road bike with the money he was awarded.


I'm more than happy with everything you and your colleagues have done for me.

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