Accident - Beddington Lane / Marlowe Way, Croydon

Amount claimed: £4,899.94
Accident date: Thursday 08 May 2008


Lorry knocks down a cyclist when entering a junction. The police were called from the accident scene, but they did not attend due to "an unforeseeable number of other urgent calls at that time"

Injuries / damage

Psychological shock. Soft tissue injuries to neck, forearm, chest, lower back, right thigh, left foot and both ankles. We also recovered damages for repairs to our client's bike and his treatment costs.

What happened?

Our client was cycling to work on Beddington Lane, travelling north towards Merton. He was waiting at a set of red traffic lights when a lorry driver pulled alongside and also stopped at the lights.
When the traffic lights turned to green, our client proceeded forward as did the lorry driver. However, the lorry veered to the left as he was moving forward.
This resulted in our client being knocked off his bike and onto the ground. The lorry crushed the bike by driving over it.

The police were called from the accident scene, but they did not attend due to "an unforeseeable number of other urgent calls at that time". The police took a statement from our client at his home address on a later date.

The involvement of the police was extremely important in this case, because the insurers for the third party lorry initially denied liability. They sought to blame our client, because their driver stated that "our client overtook on the inside".

There was an independent witness to the accident, who we made contact with on a number of occasions, to ensure he provided the police with his account of the accident circumstances. Without the input of the independent witness, the CPS would conclude that it was one person’s word against another. In our experience, this would invariably have meant that no prosecution against the lorry driver would have been instigated.

Following the witness confirming our clients version of events, the CPS decided to prosecute the lorry driver and they pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention.
He was fined £270, ordered to pay costs of £100, together with a £15 victim surcharge, and had 5 penalty points endorsed on his licence.

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