Accident - Barton Road / Scotforth Road, Lancaster

Amount claimed: Ongoing
Accident date: Thursday 28 Apr 2011


Client was cycling along the main road, when he was crossing junction another car turned into his right side

Injuries / damage

Laceration to the head, headaches, vertigo, sickness, bruises on the face and body, swelling on the face, back pain, pain and stiffness to the neck. Damage to bike front wheel

What happened?

Our client was cycling along the Barton Road cycle lane. There was a stationary traffic along the lane on Barton Road. When he was crossing a junction with a minor road, the defendnat's car turned fast into his right side into the minor road. Our client tried to brake, but failed and hit the left side of the car and spun across it. Ambulance and police arrived quickly on the accident place.

Comments about this accident

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