Our specialist Cycle Injuries department is led by keen cyclists and experienced personal injury lawyers. We have been successfully providing legal advice for LCC members for 10 years and are proud to support their campaigning and provide the free cycling incident helpline for their members' benefit.'

How we can help you with your Cycling Injury

"I was knocked down by a car but they didn’t stop, can I make a claim?"

If you’re not sure if you have a claim check our Can I claim? page.

"I’ve had to pay for physio and a new bike, I want to claim!"

Then get in touch with our expert team and Make your claim.

People we've helped claim for their cycling accidents



Thank you. I have just mentioned this to my roommate in chambers and she said “What amazing lawyers you have”. I second that.

Many thanks for all of your hard work in finalising this for me. I really do appreciate it all. I would be ...

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